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RX8 and RX7 engine rebuilds , spare parts and servicing at affordable prices.

Now offering more choice than ever on rebuilds and upgrades.

Bring your engine to us for repair or upgrade (porting for example) from £800.

Or simply have our recovery team pick up your car and we will have it ready for you in 14 days, in most cases,subject to parts availability.

From now until Christmas we are offering free porting with a gold warranty for £2100


So that’s a full rebuild with a two year warranty and a street port and polish for a fixed price of £2100 


We will also paint the engine basic colours.

From now on instead of our £2000 maximum rebuild price its now £1750 to rx8ownersclub.co.uk club members. So sign up and get saving. 

As standard we now fit K&N oil filters and magnetic sump plugs in various colours to every car we rebuild and service.

What we offer. 

High-quality spare parts and repairs at fair prices, cost effective engine rebuilds with warranty. Helpful advice over the phone keeps your rotary engine RX on the road

Compression tests.

We have the latest equipment to give you a detailed analysis of your cars compression and can print out a graph explaining this for you to keep. Perfect if you are selling your car or having problems with your engine. Compression test £50

Some of our services at a glance:

  • Engine diagnostics and fault finding
  • Maintenance and inspections
  • Engine modifications
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Spare parts ( New or used )
  • Compression tests

Helpful tips

Always use high octane fuel. It may cost more but it will return a better MPG , more importantly it will keep the inside of your engine clean and keep you from having problems in the future.


Never use a fully synthetic oil. Try and use a semi synthetic or fully mineral oil as these will burn properly inside the engine and help against carbon build up.


Most important of all is the way you turn off your RX8.

To shut the engine off while it is still cold, rev the engine to 4000-5000 rpm, turn the engine off and fully depress the throttle. This will clear any unburnt fuel from the engine that would cause it to flood. When you start the car depress the clutch fully and turn the key until the engine starts. Do not touch the throttle!

Please only leave a comment in this section ,for example "Thanks for your help". I cannot replay to comments posted on here. If you have an enquiry please fill out the form on the contact us page.

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  • Brian Gregory (Saturday, April 19 14 07:47 pm BST)

    exellent advice,i'm thinking of buying an rx8, if i do i will use this info when deciding who to buy from. thanks

  • Trevor (Sunday, September 07 14 08:35 pm BST)

    Thanks for the advice, bought RX8 on friday and want to look after it.

  • Larry moore (Monday, September 29 14 11:59 am BST)

    Thanks for the info fantastic

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