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We can now offer customers Interest Free Credit on any service from us, Rebuilds , Car sales and Modifications. 

****News Flash****

The Operations of Apex Rotary are now being Integrated into Eurospec in Guildford.  We can now offer a complete a 1 stop shop for all your rotary needs, Engine Rebuilds, Servicing, Alignment, Dyno and Remapping, Tyres, Exhausts and  MOT's from our custom equipped workshops and tuning centre.  We will continue to offer the same value for money pricing, professional service, and genuine parts that we always did!  Feel free to call us for pricing or advice on our new number 01483 456509


****Fixed Price Collection and Diagnostics****


Problems with your Rotary?  Broken Down?  Need to get your car checked by the Experts? 

We can now offer a collection and diagnostic service at a fixed price!  We can collect your car from anywhere in England with our own fully insured transport service, bring it back here to our workshops, diagnose and check over your car, provide you with a written report on its condition, test and record compression levels and check the ignition and fuel systems for just £295 all inc!  If you have RAC or AA who can deliver we can perform a full diagnostic, including compression test for just £140 all inc.


****Interest Free Credit****

We all know that sometimes its hard to come up with a chunk of cash- especially if your car lets you down at the most inconvienient time!  We can now offer you interest free credit (subject to status) so you can spread the cost of your rebuild over time.  If thats something that would really make your life easier, then just give us a call on 01483 456509 and we can give you all the details!  You can finance rebuilds, repairs or even modifications through this scheme.


Welcome to Apex Rotary

RX8 and RX7 engine rebuilds , spare parts and servicing at affordable prices.

Now offering more choice than ever on rebuilds and upgrades.

Bring your engine to us for repair or upgrade (porting for example) from £800.

Or simply have our recovery team pick up your car and we will have it ready for you in 14 days, in most cases,subject to parts availability.

After something different? What about a zombie theme engine?


What we offer. 

High-quality spare parts and repairs at fair prices, cost effective engine rebuilds with warranty. Helpful advice over the phone keeps your rotary engine RX on the road

Compression tests.

We have the latest equipment to give you a detailed analysis of your cars compression and can print out a graph explaining this for you to keep. Perfect if you are selling your car or having problems with your engine. Compression test £80


Some of our services at a glance:

  • Engine diagnostics and fault finding
  • Maintenance and inspections
  • Engine modifications
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Spare parts ( New or used )
  • Compression tests

Helpful tips

Always use high octane fuel. It may cost more but it will return a better MPG , more importantly it will keep the inside of your engine clean and keep you from having problems in the future.


Never use a fully synthetic oil. Try and use a fully mineral 10-40 oil as this will burn properly inside the engine and help against carbon build up. Change your oil and filter every 3,000 miles.


Most important is the way you turn off your RX8

To shut the engine off while it is still cold, rev the engine to 4000-5000 rpm, turn the engine off and fully depress the throttle. This will clear any unburnt fuel from the engine that would cause it to flood. When you start the car depress the clutch fully and turn the key until the engine starts. Do not touch the throttle!!


Use two-stroke oil

Always a good idea to pre-mix your fuel. If you ever make short trips or flood the engine the extra fuel will remove the protective oil film on the inside of the engine.

You may also cause excessive wear if any of your oil feed pipes get blocked or damaged. This is the cause of most low compression problems. Using two-stroke oil in with the fuel insures there is always a protective layer, keeping your apex seals from wear. 


Check your coils

Get your mechanic to check your coils as regularly as possible. They should be changed every 30,000 miles. A failing coil will cause the engine to over fuel removing the protective oil film inside the engine and can also burn out your catalytic converter.  


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  • Sam Blake (Monday, May 23 16 08:29 am BST)

    Just picked up my car after having the gold rebuild and I haven't had such a great drive in a long time, the car sounds and drives like a dream, so just want to say thanks to Chris and all at Apex
    for your fantastic work, I know and have a garage I trust to do work on my RX8.

  • Daniel Montague (Monday, December 14 15 02:43 pm GMT)

    Great service on the gold rebuild plus a few extras to add HP to the car. Chris put in the time with me to talk through the best products to add to my RX8 and to help keep within my budget. Really
    pleased with the outcome and the added power. thanks guys!!

  • James Allanson (Thursday, October 15 15 08:29 pm BST)

    Car is running great will be back for service I had the gold rebuild and it has not missed a beat
    Cheers guys

  • simon (Friday, September 25 15 08:03 pm BST)

    I shall be recommend apex to everyone . There service is outstanding couldn't do enough to help as well as fast . My rx8 is better than ever thank you so much for finding somewhere to trust

  • Richard Barton (Friday, July 24 15 10:06 am BST)

    Alex rotary did a fantastic job of my engine re-build, my rx8 has never driven so well. Would highly recommend to anybody with a rotary. A massive thanks to Daniel, Vicky and the team, I will
    defiantly be using you again.

  • Darren Vine (Monday, May 25 15 09:28 pm BST)

    I cannot recommend Apex enough. They did an amazing job on my car and went well beyond what any garage has ever done for me.

  • Daniel Florance (Tuesday, April 07 15 08:22 pm BST)

    I had an rx8 with a dead engine which a friend needed replacing. Once I'd removed the engine and given it to Apex, the service was sublime! I delivered the engine to them at 10.00 am Saturday
    morning, and got a phone call saying the engine was finished at 11.30 am Monday morning. Top service from top guys full of helpful advice and information. WILL be returning!

  • Robert (Monday, February 16 15 02:38 pm GMT)

    Great Advice and communication. Helpful. Delivered bad news with humility. Honest and offered a good deal to keep me on the road. Thanks Chaps and Chapette

  • wayne (Monday, January 19 15 04:58 pm GMT)

    Just bought one today which Apex rebuilt in Feb 2014. They have honored the warranty to be transferred over to me. Great help and advise over the phone. Think I'll stick with you guys for future work
    and I guess it's gonna be quite often

  • Mohammed Gaffar (Tuesday, December 16 14 09:15 pm GMT)

    I had an engine rebuild in Aug 14 for my beloved 54 plate RX8 which I have now owned for 8 years. Cannot fault the ApexRotary team of engineers. Fantastic job. Developed a slight problem on starting
    a few days back. ApexRotary had me back on the road in the blink of an eye as the coils needed replacing. They even sorted out one of my headlamps which was cloudy. These guys are honest,
    hardworking, happy people who deliver efficiently and cost effectively as it states on the tin. Thank you to Vicky and the team at ApexRotary, keep up the good work.

  • Larry moore (Monday, September 29 14 11:59 am BST)

    Thanks for the info fantastic

  • Trevor (Sunday, September 07 14 08:35 pm BST)

    Thanks for the advice, bought RX8 on friday and want to look after it.

  • Brian Gregory (Saturday, April 19 14 07:47 pm BST)

    exellent advice,i'm thinking of buying an rx8, if i do i will use this info when deciding who to buy from. thanks

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