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Hot start problems or not starting at all?


Apex seals are the most likely cause for both these problems. Their position in the engine unfortunately means an engine rebuild is the only solution.


The Apex seals can wear to half their normal size causing a loss in compression when the engine is warm. This can cause the car not to start after short journeys or sometimes stall when running. If you were to leave this part in a worn condition the seals can break apart in the engine causing more damage and a costly repair.

Our rebuilds start from £1250 if you bring us your car. On average they work out to be about £1500 and a maximum of £1750. We can also offer a rebuild at a reduced price if you are willing to remove the engine and bring it to us.

This rotor has sufferd from a side seal snap. The engine did start ok from hot and cold but would not idle smoothly. The car smelt very strongly of petol from the outside. This fault can also cause a missfire if left unrepaird.

This engine sufferd from a rear stationry gear failure. The engine also started fine from hot or cold but rattled, sounding very similar to a diesel car. This problem also causes oil to leak from the rear of the engine. If left for a long period of time this will cause the rotor housings to suffer from uneven wear and result in a much more costly repair bill. 

We perform a full diagnostic on the car to make sure a rebuild is what you need.


We Remove the engine and take it apart to its bare components. We then itemise exactly what we recommend should be replaced when rebuilding.


Only when we have spoken to you and obtained the all ok to proceed will we replace the worn parts, rebuild the engine and reinstall.


After the rebuild we may find we still need to replace certain electrical components, coils being a common problem with these cars. We can always offer second hand parts to you but we would always recommend new genuine parts to maintain the life of your car.

What do we replace on a standard rebuild?


Apex seals

Apex seals springs

Side seal springs

Corner seal springs

Red water jacket seals

Black water jacket seals

Dowel pin o-rings

Tension bolt seals

Viton rotor o-rings

Rear stationary gear o-ring

Front hub bolt o-ring

Oil pick up o-ring

Front and rear main seals

Front cover gasket

Front thrust bearing and plate

Rear needle bearing in eccentric shaft

Bearings at extra cost £50 each or £150 for a set of 4


Thermal pallet romoval (So oil is always circulating the engine bearings not just when its warm)

Oil pressure increased (to prevent wear on the float bearings)

As standard we now fit K&N oil filters and magnetic sump plugs in various colours to every car we rebuild or service.


On an RX-7 £1000 Engine rebuild we also install new side and corner seals.


Please look at our prices and options page for more info.


Not only do we have the best prices out there, we will also never fall short on customer service.


We change the oil and give your car a check over for free after your 500 mile run in. 

Warranty info


Please note we do not offer a warranty on any electrical components i.e. coil packs or anything other than the block of the engine. Oil must be changed after 500 miles then every 5,000 miles after rebuild or warranty will be void. Please keep receipts to show this has been done.


We will do you 500 mile oil change for free if its possible to bring the car back to us. Warranties are non transferable unless we give prior consent or the car was baught from one of your approved dealers. 


Run in time


Run in is 500 miles ,don't rev the engine over 4k in this time. 


After the rebuild please check your oil and water regularly and in the 500 mile run in always check for leaks as oil and water pipes can get brittle over time especially when they have been moved during the rebuild.  

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