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Why we do what we do.

We love rotarys pure and simple. If I won the lottery I would still be doing the same thing for free and we always want to do the best job we can. We are always on a quest for knowledge and there aren't many people we can call for advice so we are always changing little things about what we do as we go along. We just want to insure we are offering the best service we can.


Why don't we offer a fixed price on rebuilds ?


I have thought about changing the pricing for a while just to make it simpler. But at the end of the day why would we charge more and do the same job? As any other rotary engine rebuild service, we only replace what's needed for example rotors and housings but if we don't need to change them we wont charge you. Remember it's a maximum of £1750. So even if we end up changing the whole engine you still only pay £1750 including VAT. Most rebuilds on average cost about £1500 but remember that's for the engine only. You may also need coils or a CAT for example.


Why do you reuse corner and side seals?


I just want to be very clear that they are only reused if I feel happy they will last. 50% of the side seals we take out of engines get put in the bin. We only reuse ones that show little or no wear and make a perfect seal around the corner seal. Old ones tend to get blunt at the ends and don't seal properly losing compression or sharp on the edges where they have worn. Its much quicker to cut new side seals and I wish every one would pay the extra £300 and as an incentive have a two year warranty but I leave it up to the customer to decide. Some people just cant afford it.


What are the warranty terms?


This is what we have on every rebuild invoice-
"1 Year Warranty* Please note we do not offer a warranty on any electrical components i.e. coil packs or anything other than the block of the engine. Oil must be changed after 500 miles then every 5,000 miles after rebuild or warranty will be void. Please keep receipts to show this has been done."

If there was ever a problem with an engine after it has been rebuilt we have a no quibble policy on replacing it. The most important thing to us is the customer is happy and will  tell their friends how happy they are. BUT, as the warranty says, change the oil after 500 miles and keep a record this has been done. Its no good saying it has been done or you were going to get round to doing it and there is definately no excuse for letting your car run dry of oil. It must be checked as often as possible. It is very important to change the oil and filter at 500 miles as the engine uses about 4.5 litres of oil but there is about that again in the oil cooling system. So if you have a bearing fail there are small bits of copper going round the system. We change the oil twice after a rebuild with a new filter each time to get rid of what we can. The oil and filter change at 500miles gets rid of any last bits. Leaving any copper in the engine is obviously no good and will destroy a newly built engine in no time.

We don't cover things like coils as they are part of the service schedule to replace. We do check them after a rebuild but we take no responsibility for them failing after a rebuild.

Check for oil and water leaks after a rebuild. Especially on older cars as the oil and water pipes become brittle over time. So keep an eye on this is over the 500 mile run in time. Most don't become a problem straight away but a few days after.

We are more than happy to send you, for example, water pipes in the post if they do become a problem or in most cases we will replace them for free if you can bring the car back to us.


Rotarys are very different to conventional engines but that is also there appeal. When more and more electric cars come on the market people will want something different and exciting for the weekend so I think there will always be a place for these cars. After they are rebuilt they are worth £3000 - £3500 or more as apposed to £300-£400 for parts so its always worth rebuilding a car that needs it.


What fuel and oil to use?

Always use a high octane fuel. You will get better mpg but also help against carbon build up.
There are many different people saying a lot of different things about oil but one thing you should never use is a fully synthetic. It wont burn properly in the engine and greatly increase the build up of carbon. Use a 5-30 to 10-40 grade semi synthetic or fully mineral is best.

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