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There are three main types of RX-8 rebuild. 

Standard £1450 - £1799 one year warranty. We take the engine apart and charge you on the basis of what needs to be replaced. You can also add options to this to custom your own rebuild. This comes with upgraded apex seals and our oil modifications as standard.   
Gold £2290 2 year warranty regardless of what needs to be replaced. This comes with a full rebuild, street port and polish, painted engine in basic colours , upgraded apex seals, solid corner seals , newly cut side seals and our oil modifications.
Platinum £3700 3 year warranty. This is a brand new unit from Mazda so no reusing of old parts, every engine part is brand new.  
In addition to these prices you may also need service items like clutch ,coils ,battery.
  • Standard RX-8 Rebuild

A rebuild is from £800 for an engine on it's own and £1450 to rebuild an engine in a car.

This comes with a years warranty on the engine -  here are the parts we replace.



Apex seals (toughened)

Apex seals springs

Side seal springs

Corner seal springs

Red water jacket seals

Black water jacket seals

Dowel pin o-rings

Tension bolt seals

Viton rotor o-rings

Rear stationary gear o-ring

Front hub bolt o-ring

Oil pick up o-ring

Front and rear main seals

Front cover gasket

Front thrust plate


Thermal pallet romoval (So oil is always circulating the engine bearings not just when its warm) 

Oil pressure increased (to prevent wear on the float bearings)


We may need to replace extra parts on an engine rebuild but dont worry, we will always give you a full price before we start work. Here are prices for the extra parts.


Rotor Housing £200 each (used)

Irons £120 each (used)

Rotors £150 each (used)

Eccentric shaft £150 (new)

Bearings £50 each or £150 for a set of 4. (new)

Stationary gears £40 (used)


A standard rebuild will never exceed £1799 regardless of what we need to replace in the block of the engine.

Here are some common examples of rebuilds we have done so you can get an idea of what a rebuild normally costs.


  • RX-8 car, rattle from rear of engine with oil leaking from gear box.

Low compression rebuild £1250

Rear Rotor £130

Front and rear bearing £100

Eccentric shaft £150

Rear stationary gear £Free


Total £1630 Inc VAT


  • Rx-8 car, wont start when hot


Low compression rebuild £1450

Front and rear Bearing £100


Total £1550 Inc VAT


  • 231 engine only, Mis-firing badly and car smells strongly of fuel

Low compression rebuild (engine only) £1450

Rear housing £200

Rear Rotor £150

Rear Iron £120

Front and rear bearing £100


Total £2020 Inc VAT

As well as a standard rebuild we can offer some optional extras that might prolong the life on an engine or give it more power. Here are the prices for optional extras


Porting + £300 (231ps engine only)

We offer a mild street port using a racing beat template. The power increase is not so much that you will have to remap your ecu, but we do reccomend you do so for maximum power gains.


Gold Rebuild + £300

This engine rebuild uses the same parts as a standerd rebuild but we also replace all the bearings, the side and corner seals with toughened seals. This also comes with a two year warranty


Express Service £1450 engine only £1950 engine in car.

*Plus any extra parts we my need from the list above.


Need your car back ASAP? We have prebuilt engines ready to go in your RX-8 or to take away on an exchange basis. This is normally on the 2-3 day turn around. We do need time to take you existing engine apart to inspect and charge accordingly. (Price will never exceed £2300)

Pleae note this option is on a standard rebuild only - please check for availability.

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