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As well as repairing cars and engines we also keep a stock of fully refurbished used RX-8's.

The engines in these cars have been rebuilt to our normal high standard and come with a years warranty. The cars have a new MOT and have fully refurbished alloy wheels that can be professionally painted in your choice of colour. We can also adapt the car to your specification, for example change a black leather interior to a red and black leather interior, dependant on parts available.

White, Perfect FD with a recent respray and APEXI power FC commander.,  HSD adjustable coil overs, Volk racing alloys, HEL braided brake and clutch lines, ACT 6 Puck Clutch, WGT metal AST, Years warranty on engine., £7,500

Red 192 65k Red and black leather. Will have a new MOT and rebuilt engine. 


Black R3 the one to have. Recent MOT 93k but will have a warranty. Sports exhaust and K&N panel air filter. Small mark on bumper.


Black 192 auto 50k with every option and recent rebuild with new warranty. This is a relay nice little car with every option even a spare wheel !!! SOLD

Black 05 231 61k body kit and wheels. SOLD 

Red 231 04. Fresh rebuild , New MOT. only 51k with cloth interior. 


Blue 06 231 
Black leather only 66k with engine rebuild and new MOT  SOLD

RX-7 FD Recent rebuild and MOT . New import into the UK 


Blue 04 231 62k

Really nice example and with the airo kit ,looks amazing. Good condition inside and out. Just had an engine rebuild and new MOT. 


Blue 231 just 49k

MOT and TAX but not much left. Only 49k and full service history, sun roof. 

Normal years warranty on engine , new cat, brake pads and performance exhaust.  

Ready to drive away. SOLD

Black RX-7 FD Twin turbo £SOLD

We built the engine back in 2012 and the guy could not finish his project. We then got offered the chance to purchase the car and engine that had not even been run. It will come with a new uk reg 12 month MOT and 6 months TAX as well as our normal engine warranty. Standard apart from exhaust, wheels and RX8 steering wheel as it came in with a naff after market one.

Blue 231 04 £SOLD

This is the best example I have seen with only 35k on the clock and mint inside and out. Compression results range from 100psi up to 108 psi on the original engine so if maintained properly will have a problem free ownership. It has a sun roof and black leather interior with no wear to the seats. Only bad points are a scuff on the lower part of the bumper and a couple of marks on the wheels but I would have to point them out for any one to notice. Comes with a new MOT and our normal years warranty on the engine. Has full Mazda service history and original order form. 

Dark blue 231. 54 92,000k SOLD

Selling on behalf of a trader, This dark blue 231 has had a fresh rebuild and been run in so all ready to go. Don't be put off by high mileage , had lots of money spent on her including coils , CAT and performance exhaust. MOT and Tax, VOSA checked. 

Gray 231 53 52,000k SOLD

Lovely little rx8, I drive this every day and has not let me down. We have not rebuilt the engine but even compression and run with good oil and fuel. Will come with a warranty on the engine and new MOT.
Sun roof, Sat-Nav, black leather heated seats. One small carpark ding.


Just in. Black 05 231 43k sunroof. SOLD

Silver 231 53. Has not had a rebuild but has had a replacement engine from mazda at some point. Amazing compression results at about 120psi. Will come with a new MOT and warranty on engine. SOLD 

Gray 04 231 with airo kit and x-wing. 52k with black leather. Sold  

New MOT, Tax ,New engine rebuild.

55 Gray 192 73k Will have engine rebuild and wheels in any color.


RED 06 EVOLVE With cream interior 

Low milage and new MOT Will have engine rebuild and wheels done.





04 231 Silver £3500

Private plate, Mazda body kit, Performance exhaust. 76,000 miles

Will have an engine rebuild and your choice of wheel colour.

04 231 Black with black leather.

80k with new MOT, Engine rebuild and Alloy wheels in any colour. 


Red 231 57,000 miles. MOT ,Ported


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